12 October 2019
ECM Board

Generator Control System

One of the most important and precise parts of any generator is its main processor (ECM), which handles all engine parameters from the sensors and Module power supply and all of the engine processing work.

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Bypass Device

Woodward Bypass Valve

Various mechanisms have been designed and implemented in the control system for fluid flow control; Woodward has also designed digital control valves that are named bypass valves and are used on the rear of the throttle to the turbocharger

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Woodward Throttle Valve

With the Throttle valve, the engine can be controlled over its nominal speed, directing the fuel-air mixture to the ratio required by the engine inside the manifold valve,It is also used for control of the engine round.

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cylinders haed

Generator Cylinder Head

The cylinder head is one of the main components of the generator , and each generator cylinder head consists of four valves, two of which are related to the smoke outlet, and the other two are related to the fuel / air mixture intake.

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