9 March 2020

 Training and supervision


Companies are shaped and accomplished in order to achieve specific goals, so their quality and performance must always be monitored and monitored, with the strengths and weaknesses of the company and organization in the light of the results and the direction of activities and actions. . One of the tasks of any existing situation recognition set is to know the extent to which the goals have been met and to evaluate their movement in the direction of the strategies and programs defined to achieve the goals. Improving the efficiency of the system and observing opportunities, threats, and their strengths and weaknesses to move towards excellence are the essentials of monitoring and evaluating the performance of any organization.


At the project implementation stage, the expertise and skills of individuals are needed to achieve the end goal by working together. AIRICO manages the project as best as it can with project human resources management, but before that you need to make sure that you have the skilled and specialist staff needed for the project. The most important measures that will increase team productivity and performance are:

  • Give feedback to team members

  • Develop team member skills

  • Clarify the role of project members

  • Set individual goals and team goals

  • Monitor and measure individual and team progress

  • Resolve constructive disagreement between team members

 Ayriko Company Goals

Ayriko is trying to gather the right mix of people in its portfolio by training human resources so that it can play a constructive role in advancing project goals, as well as evaluating industrial complexes and examining strengths and weaknesses at various levels to implement training activities , which include:

  • Establishment of monitoring and evaluation teams

  • Supervise the proper execution of all project affairs

  • Improve decision making about future plans and goals

  • Identify weaknesses and performance and strive to flourish and increase competencies

  • Providing qualitative and quantitative services for competitiveness in the development environment

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