9 March 2020

 Shipping Maintenance

The ship repair industry is one of the most important industries in the world, which will be used in a variety of sectors, including transport, investment, recruitment, and job creation. Such activities, in addition to the economic benefits, prevent the double costs of foreign currency exit and the loss of job opportunities and large investments in the country. Ayriko with experience in the complex industry, is trying to dramatically reduce troubleshooting and maintenance costs.

 Ayriko's capabilities in shipping maintenance

The Ship Power Generator is provided by giant engines of varying power. There are various companies in the shipping industry that supply the ship generators. These can be companies such as wartsila, cat, mwm and so on.

Ayriko, with its expertise and experience in the field, has been able to solve problems and provide customers with the right solutions. All of the control equipment and instrumentation as well as the floating control systems are the capabilities of Ayriko, which with its experience and capability, investigates all these matters in the shortest possible time and implements the appropriate solution.

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