9 March 2020

 Research and Development

Ayriko's R&D unit is set up to enhance the knowledge of the company to the point where it can become a global brand in the field of designing, manufacturing and supplying power and industrial equipment. With the same planning, ayriko has undertaken extensive research projects in the field of power plants over the past years.

In Year 2017, ayriko started a digital compressor project by conducting research and research. Since there was no digital equipment for measuring the combustion chamber compressor in the small-scale power plant industry, the company was able to design and manufacture a device for measuring this parameter by observing the latest scientific and technological achievements in the field, so that the output of this product could greatly assist Small-scale power plant industry. This is an example of industry research.

Ayriko Company Goals

Since R&D plays an important role in corporate success and contributes to business endurance, Ayriko strives to make new discoveries in the equipment and services market as well as applying knowledge to create new products and services to meet the needs Cover the market. These goals include:

  • Increase efficiency

  • Knowledge Production

  • Increased self-reliance

  • New product production

  • Improving human resource efficiency

  • Discovering and understanding opportunities

Ayriko hopes to stay ahead in the power plant industry, analyzing industry issues day by day and providing the right solutions for power plant owners.

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