9 March 2020

 Special engineering services

Ayriko is trying to address the core strengths of the power industry (small scale power plants) by examining and fully identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the power plant industry, including the following:

  • design and engineering

  • Special training courses

  • Customer-centric services

  • Optimize and upgrade performance levels

Ayriko also offers specialized research and services in addition to many of the small scale power plants it has built, including:
1) Design synchronous panels with various equipments such as woodward, deepsee, comAp, etc. which can be synchronized and loaded from generator in different modes parallel to the grid and island state.

2) Monitoring and automation of equipment projects that can monitor all network parameters and generators online, based on the amount of control work and settings.

3) Design and manufacture of combustion chamber pressure measuring system as a special tool without any examples.

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