9 March 2020

 Oil and gas maintenance

AIRICO strives to continuously monitor its processes and equipment and provide comprehensive solutions in the oil and gas industry to optimally utilize its capabilities and capabilities, thereby striving to maintain a consistent relationship with customers.  As well as understanding the demands and needs of the oil and gas industry, he or she will be able to find the right solutions to meet those demands and needs.

The valuable ability and experience of AIRICO to operate and maintain in the oil and gas industry has made us a strong company in the field of maintenance of oil and gas complexes; Ayrico strives to improve service, maintenance and management of technology by optimizing equipment and optimizing equipment in the shortest possible time, including :

  • Production optimization

  • Maintenance Engineering

  • Monitoring and refining equipment

  • Design and localization of equipment

  • Analyzing values ​​for preventive work

  • Providing safe energy for industries to promote quality and energy security


Ayriko strives to be present in various sectors of the oil and gas industry including wells and oil extraction, upstream refineries, midstream and petrochemicals and storage tanks, downstream and Provide quality service to meet the needs of the industry in the field of manufacturing and commissioning operation and maintenance of control systems and instrumentation. Ayriko has also been able to remove obsolete systems and replace up to date equipment, including :

  • ESD system

  • Status monitoring systems

  • PLC based control systems

  • DOS-based control systems

  • SCADA control and monitoring system

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