oil cooler

15 January 2020

 Generator Oil Cooler

In gas and diesel engines, oil is used for cooling and lubrication in different parts of the engine, and oil cooler is used to reduce the oil temperature and The way it works is that the hot oil enters the oil cooler from one side and exits the other side, and the water enters from one side and exits the other side.
Since water and oil should not be in direct contact with each other and must be isolated from each other, the paths of movement of oil and water are separated by copper pipes or plates, preventing the two from being directly linked.

oil cooler
oil cooler

 Ayriko's abilities in relation to generator oil cooler

Ayriko through reverse engineering, is able to assemble a complete caterpillar model 3520-c oil cooler, either in shell or outer wall design, as well as in copper pipes and oil circulation networks and produce it with high efficiency which is equivalent to the prototype in terms of oil pressure drop at the inlet to the outlet as well as the difference in oil temperature between the inlet and outlet and is fitted to the engines.

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