Basic gas generators

15 September 2019

 Basic gas generators

Basic gas generators are widely used in Iran due to the abundance of natural gas. Because of the economic justification for diesel generators, they are mainly used for permanent operation such as distributed generation plants, power plants, and for example in locations where the power grid is not available.This category of engine generators uses features such cogeneration of electricity and heat, cogeneration of electricity and heat and cooling when needed in buildings (hospitals and business centers ... ) as well as in order to increase device efficiency.


Advantages of asic gas generators

  • Easy maintenance

  • Very low Pollution

  • Clean Fuel Consumed

  • Longer lifespan than diesel generators

  • Their price decreases with increasing power (economically justified for cheap electricity generation)

 Factors Influencing the Performance of Base Gas Generators

 Influence of air inlet temperature on engine

The temperature of the inlet air to the engine affects the overeating performance. While hot air reduces its efficiency and thus reduces engine efficiency and power output, but on the other hand, cooler inlet air may lead rejection in overeating.

The outlet temperature of the middle cooling and the inlet to the cylinders is the temperature that directly affects the engine performance. If the engine management system is not capable of adjusting this temperature to the designated value, the engine's unwanted ignition efficiency and ignition margin may be reduced and NOX emissions increased.

 Impact of air humidity

The moisture in the air can reduce the combustion speed and reduce NOX emissions by lowering the combustion chamber temperature. But, on the other hand, increasing inlet air humidity reduces the safe margin of unwanted ignition and reduces engine efficiency.

Another effect of inlet air humidity is steam distillation in the middle cooler which can greatly reduce the cooling efficiency and engine efficiency.

 Influence of altitude

Altitude affects the process of overeating the engine. As the altitude increases, the inlet pressure decreases and if the compressor pressure ratio is not changed, the output power of the motor will also decrease.

It is also important to note that if the compressor is not set to work at altitude, it may exceed its permitted speed.

Basic gas generator
Basic gas generators

Ayriko Services in Distributed Power Plants

  • Supply of different types of gas generators on different scales

  • Provides plans for the generation and use of electricity and heat

  • Provide necessary training and technical support for the operation of the power plant

  • Providing advice on obtaining the necessary licenses to build and operate private power plants

  • Economic feasibility and providing justification plans to increase productivity and obtain facilities

  • Providing power plants management services and upgrading gas power plant maintenance and remote control systems

  • Consultation and implementation of power plant projects in the shortest time to generate electricity in commercial and factory complexes

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