9 March 2020


Major services and repairs in the electricity industry of the country are of particular importance, with the specific circumstances of the country where it is necessary to carry out the necessary actions with a well-designed plan and review of all cases.


Since every equipment or device has technical documentation and maintenance services, managers and operators need to extend the life of the equipment to maintain it properly, but international standards (DIN) are defined by companies as well. They are required to maintain and maintain the organization and related equipment. Maintenance and repair may include:

  • Increase Productivity

  • Reduce blackout hours

  • Reduce consumable parts

  • Reduce maintenance costs

  • Required equipment availability

  • Increase product and work safety

  • Increase service life of equipment


Purpose of periodic repairs and services:

Ayriko's goal is to maximize the lifetime of power plants during production at the lowest cost and maximum efficiency.

Ayriko Equipment and Services:

Smart repairs

Ayriko, by smartening control rooms, is trying to monitor the status of systems through the operating rooms by monitoring the systems momentarily, to prevent any damage by warning them of any problems.

Periodic repairs

AIRICO seeks to perform the services periodically during the normal operation or short-term stoppage of the plant, using the manufacturer's instructions and experiences in the power plants.

Corrective repairs

Ayriko, fully familiar with its power plant equipment, is trying to anticipate minor and unpredictable defects at the time of operation. And, in the shortest possible time, resolve these defects to prevent blackouts during work.

Ayriko has been able to anticipate and prevent causes of malfunctions and recurrence by deploying a comprehensive employee engagement system as well as storing and analyzing equipment records to identify equipment that has chronic defects to achieve the best possible utilization of power plants.

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