15 January 2020

 distributed generation

Scattered electricity generation has many technical and economic benefits and is designed to provide on-site electricity to decentralize power plants and increase efficiency. Advanced technology, environmental friendliness, lower fuel consumption of generators and so on, all provide conditions for the cost of electricity produced at small scale power plants to be far less than diesel power plants Also, given the higher productivity, helping to reduce gas consumption and more economical CHP indicators, the private sector has been more favored than other power generation technologies.


The Advantages of Investing in Distributed Power Plant

Government support for free fuel supply and guaranteed electricity purchased, along with the ability to generate heat from generators, are among the major advantages of investing in energy production. In summary, the advantages of investing in a Distributed Power Plant include:

Low risk investment and guaranteed profit

Supply of equipment from the best quality reputable brands

Full return of capital in less than 4 years

Consultation, construction and commissioning within 9 months

No need for sales marketing

Purchase a 5 year government guarantee

 Ayriko Services in Distributed Power Plant

Due to the ever-increasing price of energy in the country, Ayriko has taken steps to assemble a qualified staff to create a robust suite of small-scale power plants. Including Ayriko's services in this area:

  • Providing equipment from reputable brands

  • Electrical and mechanical design of power plant

  • Conduct feasibility studies and network connectivity

  • Project management, installation of small scale power plants

  • Obtain all the necessary permits to build a small-scale power plant

  • Consulting on financing the project and getting loans from public and private banks

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