Heinzmann board

15 January 2020

 Heinzmann fuel valve controller board

In diesel and gas generators, governor boards with different brands are used to control the engine's range. The function of all of these boards is first to read the engine speed by the Peakup sensor or the same speed sensor, so at the moment the engine starts, it reads the engine's remote controller board and then It commands the opening of the throttle valve (fuel valve), in which case The engine reaches its nominal speed and operates at a set speed, such as 1500 RPM, for the engine.

Analog governor boards are divided into two classes of open loop controllers and closed loop controllers; in open loop controllers no feedback from the fuel valve is returned to the governor, and the governor board does not know the position of the throttle valve. But the closed-loop controllers have a built-in controller that communicates the position of the throttle valve to the Governor board and informs the controller of the position of the throttle valve, which is superior to the open-loop model in terms of operating accuracy and safety.

 fuel valve controller board
Heinzmann governor
Heinzmann fuel valve controller board

Heinzmann fuel valve controller board Settings

In this model (KG6 / KG16 / KG30 / KG40) there are three potentiometers built in. After selecting DROP mode these three potentiometer which include (GAIN / STAB / DERIV) can selectively change the output of the potentiometer; There are two other potentiometers as the calibration where the user is required to adjust the zero valve position to 1.5V and the 100% valve position to the 5V position, thus positioning the throttle valve with the board settings in one direction, as well as the other two potentiometers. There is also a way for the user to slow or speed up the engine.

 Ayriko capabilities in the field of Heinzmann governor

Ayriko has been able to reverse engineer the board by examining the governor boards and the Heinzmann governor board KG model and design and produce all the charts and schematic of the board and then install it on the MWM-TBG620 generator and load the engine under the grid.

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