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22 October 2019

Generator Turbocharger

The generator turbocharger consists of two parts, the turbine and the compressor, which are mounted on the shaft and are one of the generator's power- boosting components which increase the power of the inlet air, which increases the density of the fuel-air mixture, resulting in increased engine power; The combustion of the device hits the turbine at high speeds, transferring energy and moving the turbine. Due to the coaxiality of the turbine and the compressor, the rotation of the turbine also drives the compressor; the air is sucked from the center of the compressor chamber and is pressurized and driven by the compressor and the centrifugal force generated by the engine, thereby. More air goes into the cylinder.

Generator Turbocharger increases the volume and pressure of the inlet air to the cylinders by 3 times the atmosphere pressure, which increases the generator power and torque. This increase of power can be up to 5%, depending on the design of the turbocharger. Since the Generator Turbocharger uses non-exhaust gases to provide its rotational power, it has a great impact on the efficiency of the generators .


 Cooling and after cooling in Generator Turbocharger

The performance of the generator turbocharger in all cases consists of a coaxial shaft balanced by the bearing on the horizontal axis. The bearings incorporate grooves in which the oil pressure causes the oil film to form, the oil film lubricates the turbocharger shaft and, on the other hand, it cools.
As a result of the rotation of the high-speed turbocharger blade, the air is densely driven into the after-cooler cooling chamber. Since the high speed of rotating blades increases the temperature of the air, the cooler aftermarket is incorporated into the motors to reduce this temperature.

 Ayriko capabilities in the field of generator turbocharger

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