Generator Engine Feeller

2 December 2019

  Generator Engine Feeler

Generator Engine Feeler is actually called the air gap between the rocker arm and the bridge. It is best to know that the engine feelering of the generator at a time when the engine manufacturer has determined for us that the engine performs well under load and extends the life of the components in the cylinder, including smoke and air valves, rocker arm, valve bridge, rotocap, spring valve, part of the valve seat in the cylinder head known as seat.

Inappropriate scheduling effects on Generator Engine Feeler

  • Raise the working temperature of the cylinder

  • Reduce the life of the plug spark in the cylinder

  • Valve fracture that results in a drop in the temperature of the cylinder

  • Mixing percentage of gas / air mixture which causes incomplete combustion in the cylinder and also deposits in liner body

  • Increasing cylinder detonation which causes vibration in the cylinder and transmits this vibration to the piston, rod, hose and bearing.

Generator Engine Feeler

  How to Feelering a Gas Generator

Here's how to feelering the Caterpillar's gas-fired generator based on the information Caterpillar has given us in the feeler section. As you can see in the table below, we have been given information such as the order of combustion and the feeler of each cylinder that we can take.


Generator Engine Feeler

It must first be rotated with the flywheel wrench until the cylinder number 1 is in the top position (Top Center Position No.1), which is where the cylinder number 1 is either in compression stroke or exhaust stroke. . According to the compression stroke status table, this is the first step of feeler. At this point, Rocker Arm should be easily moved by hand. We can now feelering out those air inlet and outlet valves in compression stroke according to the table.
After finishing work, rotate the first stage flywheel 2 degrees to the cylinder number 1 in the exhaust stroke position, the exhaust stroke being the second stage of generator engine feelering. At this point the Rocker Arm should not be moved manually, so we can feeler out the exhaust stroke valves and the exhaust exhaust valves according to the table. After the second stage is completed, the feeler operation is completed.

 AYRIKO's capabilities in feelering

AYRIKO employs its experts and technical expertise in the field of engine and gas power plant generators capable of performing all generator engine feeleretion processes including feeler for smoke and air valves, regulating valve bridges connected to valves that perform simultaneous movement of valves. It also provides information on the engine, including the overall state of the engine in its current state, and the analysis of the parameters obtained from the engine.

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