Caterpillar voltage regulator

15 January 2020

 Caterpillar voltage regulator

Caterpillar Voltage Regulator (CDVR) is a microprocessor based voltage regulator whose primary purpose is to regulate the output voltage of a generator used by the gen set. Connections to the Caterpillar voltage regulator are made via three multi-pin connectors that communicate between the digital voltage regulator and the service tool using the CANBUS protocol.


Caterpillar voltage regulator function

In the motor generators , the Caterpillar generators use regulator voltage boards to stabilize the voltage level as well as to adjust the amount of active and reactive power. cdvr With the sample of voltage and current inputs coming from the generator, as well as the samples it receives from the grid, it can change the rotor excitation voltage level, which also changes the stator output voltage level which This stabilizes the voltage and frequency parameters when the generator is synchronized to the grid as well as the load from the motor.

The voltage regulator (cdvr) also contains network control parameters that are used to protect against network parameter changes for example Sudden changes in voltage as well as sudden changes in current that damage and protect the generator. In addition to the cdvr control system there are various modes of fashion, including:

  • Analog Controller

  • Control to canbus network input

  • Digital input and output control

In the modes described, the voltage level controls the amount of voltage that can be adjusted by adjusting the grid level. For example, to control the voltage level from 410 volts to 398 volts, the cdvr controls 4 to 20 ma.

Caterpillar voltage regulator
Caterpillar voltage regulator

 Ayriko services in relation to digital voltage regulators

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