Econ controller

10 March 2020

 Econ controller

Comap has designed a controller to control the governor valves to control the fuel valve or fuel / air combination by which it controls the throttle valve relative to engine speed and settings. The Econ controller has a variety of inputs and outputs, including inputs and outputs such as canbus ports to communicate with the network, analog inputs for position control, digital inputs for control valves (pwm), Analog outputs for transferring valve feedback to other equipment, valve power control, valve feedback, and pick-up sensor inputs.

Analog output

With this output, the user can transfer the position of the throttle valve to other controllers and thereby perform processing or monitoring.

Analog Input

This card input is used after synchronization to control the engine speed.

Econ card output for valve control

Includes two power steering valves and a three-way feedback valve with which the valve is positioned.

Digital inputs

Stop and run inputs by which the valve can be set to start and stop mode, as well as down and up inputs that can be used to control load after synchronization.

Canbus output

With this port, the user can connect to control equipment such as: comap woodward, etc. and perform all control parameters and settings through it.

Pickup sensor input and effect sensor present

This input is used for reading the engine speed by which the valve is opened and closed relative to the engine speed sensor, and the valve control function is performed this way.

 Ayriko services in connection with the Econ card

Using the Econ controller, comap has been able to introduce a load control board to the market, and can easily network it to its own brands and other brands and perform control and processing work; Install the board for various motors and valves and thereby keep the motors in their rated range.

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