detcon 20 controller

9 March 2020

 detcon20 controller

Motortech has designed and manufactured a system called detcon20 to measure the amount of engine life;Motortech's product detcon controller prevents combustion chamber thrashing,The vibration caused by this phenomenon inside the combustion chamber has a frequency higher than normal engine operation and this equation compares this value with normal engine operation;This measurement will have no problem if it is between the frequency-balanced levels and if the value is above normal the system recognizes it as an error or problem.

The knocking phenomenon and its causative agents

If the blended fuel mixture in the condensation state inside the combustion chamber before the spark plug ignites and ignites, the spark is considered a self-combustion phenomenon; this explosion is considered to be an unwanted phenomenon that could damage the mechanical equipment of the engine and The existence of a knock results in high frequency noise in the system, which is called a knock.


Causes of the knock

One of the reasons for this phenomenon is the increase in temperature and pressure of the fuel-air mixture inside the combustion chamber, which increases the self-combustion phenomenon and consequently increases the frequency of the waves.

Another contributing factor is the increase of sediment on the piston and cylinder surface, which reduces the volume of the combustion chamber and, as a result, the combustion phenomenon itself.

Due to this, the detcon controller immediately detects this value immediately and outputs the command via digital output to the ignition, which reduces the motor output even if it is more than normal. It is an ohmic type that covers the frequency between 1 khz and 20 khz after its measurement. A number of things can be used to control the behavior and performance of the detcon controller between it and the ignition switch, including digital output communication, analog output communication, and communication through the canbus network. For example, analog outputs (4 to 20 ma) for 30 to 25 degrees of advances or motor timing set to ignition will reduce engine power and prevent engine damage.

Ayriko services in conjunction with the detcon20 controller

Ayriko's company has been able to make all the adjustments and planning of the detcon controller board, as well as make any changes made by its experts.

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