Generator cylinder head

14 January 2020

 Generator engine cylinder head

The cylinder head is one of the main components of the generator , and each generator engine cylinder head consists of four valves, two of which are related to the smoke outlet, and the other two are related to the fuel / air mixture intake. The cylinder head is mounted on the engine block by several components: the cylinder gasket, spacer and oil seals.

The mechanism of action of the valves is such that the gear attached to the crankshaft rotates the camshaft gear and moves the camshaft through the camshaft rotation and forces the camshaft to rotate. 

 Failure Factors Of Generator Engine Cylinder head

Mechanical components are subject to depreciation due to high performance and poor service at the specified time. In the generator engine cylinder head, parts such as valves and seat valves are more prone to erosion and in gas generators due to the combinations of gas consumed, these parts are more susceptible to corrosion than diesel generators.

A number of factors affecting cylinder head failure

Inappropriate cooling causes heat shock resulting in cracking of the cylinder head.

Inadequate feeler reduces the amount of valve discharge that results in corrosion of the valve seat.

Improper tightening of the cylinder head screws increases the pressure inside the cylinder, leading to crack in the cylinder head.

Failure to rotate the oil in the cylinder ducts causes abrasion and eventually fracture of the moving parts such as valves, gates and other parts.

Generator engine cylinder head
cylindr head
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Ayriko capabilities in relation to the cylinder head

  • Overhaul Cylinder head

  • Supply of cylinder head parts

  • Feeler of cylinder head valves

  • Install cylinder head on engine block

  • Compressor pressure measurement via digital compressor

  • Check cylinder status through video broscope and data analysis

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