heinzmann throttle

15 January 2020

 heinzmann throttle

To control the engine, a gas-fired generator is fitted a throttle valves inside the engine with a mixture of fuel and air at the inlet , That is  relative to the engine, the steering wheel is released from the board and the fuel valve is opened and the mixture of fuel and air is driven into the engine or the combustion chamber of the engine and relative to the engine this throttle valve opens and closes.

The lever of the throttle Heinzman valve is connected to an electronic controller, which we will explain here.
The transmission force from the Heinzman valve is transmitted by a mechanical lever to the mechanical valve, in which case the internal valve of the motor is opened and closed.

The electrical valve mechanism consists of the following three parts

  • Electric Bobbin

  • Feedback control board

  • Gears or mechanical parts

Electric Bobbin

In this section the steering wheel issued by the Governor board is moved to the coals section, after which the bobbin truss is switched on and then the electric steering is converted to mechanical.

Feedback control board

In this board, according to the change of position of the throttle valve, the amount of feedback from this board also changes to the governor board. The mechanism of this board is that by changing the shaft spacing of the valve with the sensor board, it changes the feedback value and consequently the output voltage also changes.

Gears or mechanical parts

After transferring force from the Bobbin, to adjust and tighten the movement of the valve, gears are inserted into the valve which shifts the position of the electric valve to the gear.

 Ayriko Services in connection with the throttle Heinzmann Valve

With control boards, Ayriko can provide all the services and repairs of the heinzmann throttle  valve, complete testing, and design its feedback board.

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