Power Plant

Ayriko using expert forces and also enjoying the experience of a decade

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20 October 2019

 Power Plant

The electricity industry is a dynamic and influential industry because of its  underlying role and it is important to increase productivity.The power generation sector, which is the power plant,is the most important sector in the electricity industry.The main role of power plants is to convert different forms of energy into electrical energy, which is the task of generators in all power plants, In fact, power plants have been created with the aim of producing these usable energies in industrial centers.

Activities of Ayriko Company

Ayriko as an importer of power plant components, Manufacturer of various engine parts of the generator, Maintenance of motor generators, Setting up small scale power plants and CHP, known in Iran.Our purpose is to provide the best possible services in the field of electricity to power plants.


Basic gas generators

Gas generators have a much longer service life than diesel generators.Economically, they are more commonly used in Distributed Generation than diesel generators.
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diesel generator

Diesel generators

diesel generator is a device that converts the mechanical energy obtained to usable electrical energy, they are  manufactured in different configurations for use in various fields.
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