Oil & Gas

Oil and gas are one of the main and most important sources used in the industry

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9 March 2020

 Oil & Gas industry

Oil and gas are some of the most basic and used resources in the industry, Many experts and researchers around the world have created various devices for the extraction of oil and gas using science and technology.Throughout the world, land and sea drilling machines, Types of compressors in gas transmission lines and refinery products and other specific devices are used to extract and refine oil and petroleum products.


At this stage, the inlet and outlet pressure are measured by means of pumps and valves and control equipment and the fluid is directed into the well which can be water or gas and Oil can be pumped into and out of storage tanks.


In the refining section to convert crude oil to more valuable elements, the crude oil is directed to the distillation tower.This process is carried out by means of heating driven by high-voltage boilers to the distillation system and other parts


Energy supply in the oil and gas industry at all stages of extraction and refining is on of the most important issues in each of these sectors, both safety and fuel supply elements need to be assessed and anticipated prior to implementation.

 Activities of Ayriko Company

Ayriko with the use of expert human resources, in order to maintain the devices used in the oil and gas industry as well as providing the industry with the best possible service has been pioneered to make the process of extraction and refining of this easily used natural resource.

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