Ayriko is an industrial service company that has been pioneered to meet the needs

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9 March 2020

 Shipping industry

Ayriko recognizing the need to provide services in the shipping industry, has decided to have a different presence in the service sector.Obviously, Iran as a country wants to join the World Trade Organization cannot ignore its interests and responsibilities in this field,Therefore the company is ready to provide any sea and port services and consulting services. The combination of experienced and expert staff, past experience as well as various equipment has given us the ability to find ourselves in all areas relevant to the industry in the country.

ship control room

Control room

There are many electronic equipment in the ship's control room where all the information obtained from the ship's equipment is displayed at the site, and most of these tools automatically report critical ship situations such as component failure or water leakage.

ship switch control

switch room

The task of the buoyant power distribution system is to deliver the power generated by the generator safely to all the equipment connected to it, the most important part of power distribution system, is the main board switch

ship powerhouse


One of the most important parts of the ship is the engine Powerhouse, which in addition to the main engine includes other sub engines that provide the power needed to operate the compressors, pumps, and so on.

 Activities of Ayriko Company

Ayriko is an industrial service company that has been pioneered to meet the needs of the navy industry. Which has been able to achieve this by employing experts in various fields.We have been able to meet the needs of our customers in the field of Maintenance of marine diesel engines (generators and main engines), Electrical wiring and repairing of electric motors, Hydraulic systems, Electric and electronic equipment powerhouse and deck, Mechanical equipment of powerhouse and deck, Computer and network systems, Monitoring and Automation.

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