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22 October 2019

 Ignition System

In order to better understand the ignition system, we will learn how a four-stroke engine, which is based on the principles of a gas generator  works:
The work cycle of the four-stroke engine is divided into four stages, meaning that each piston travels one cylinder at a time for mechanical work at each stage; On the other hand; At one stage of each engine cycle the crankshaft is accelerated, that in every complete cycle in Four-stroke engine leads to crankshaft rotation twice.

The process of a four-stroke engine

first cycle-Intake

First step (suction)

At this point, by moving the piston downward in the cylinder, the air intake valve opens, increasing the volume of the cylinder, and a mixture of air and fuel enters the cylinder.

second cycle-Compression

Second step (compress)

At this point, the air and smoke valves are closed and the piston returns from the bottom of the cylinder to the top of the cylinder, causing the air and fuel mixture to condense.

third cycle-power

Stage Three (Explosion)

At this point, the piston is at the top of the cylinder and the compressed air and fuel mixture is blown up by the spark plugs in the gas generators. The pressure created by the explosion quickly pushes the piston down to the cylinder.

fourth cycle exhaust

Stage Four (Smoke Exit)

At this point, the smoke valve opens and the piston moves upward as a result of the crankshaft rotation to expel the smoke from the combustion through the exhaust.

Ignition system includes:

  • Candle

  • Ignition transformer

  • Primary voltage port

  • Interface between spark ignition with spark plug or extension

The primary voltage port usually sends a voltage pulse of about 100 to 110 volts to the spark transistor.
This voltage is converted to 32000 at the output of the transformer, and this voltage reaches the spark plug through the interface or extension.
Each cylinder head is fitted with a generator spark plug which, according to the manufacturer's recommendation, is either electrode type or prechamber type.

An example of the ignition set

Trans Spark Image
Spark Ignition Image
TransFormer Image
Plug Spark Image

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