Generator engine coupling The engine itself is not capable of generating electricity and generating electricity is the task of the generator; In order to be powered by an engine and generator, the two devices need to be connected to each other by means of a coupling. Examples of generator motor coupling types are shown below:

Generator Turbocharger The generator turbocharger consists of two parts, the turbine and the compressor, which are mounted on the shaft and are one of the generator's power- boosting components which increase the power of the inlet air, which increases the density of the fuel-air mixture, resulting in increased engine power; The combustion of the device hits the turbine […]

 Heinzmann fuel valve controller board In diesel and gas generators, governor boards with different brands are used to control the engine's range. The function of all of these boards is first to read the engine speed by the Peakup sensor or the same speed sensor, so at the moment the engine starts, it reads the […]

Generator Control System One of the most important and precise parts of any generator is its main processor (ECM), which handles all engine parameters from the sensors and Module power supply and all of the engine processing work. read more   Woodward Bypass Valve Various mechanisms have been designed and implemented in the control system for fluid flow control; Woodward has […]

 Ignition System In order to better understand the ignition system, we will learn how a four-stroke engine, which is based on the principles of a gas generator  works: The work cycle of the four-stroke engine is divided into four stages, meaning that each piston travels one cylinder at a time for mechanical work at each […]

 Introduction Digital barometer  (P/N:193-5859)  as a device to prevent possible deficits in compression step, Ayriko Engine Combustion Chamber Pressure Information Recording and Measurement Device is designed and produced. By this device, user can record and analyze accurate information of produced pressure in cylinder chamber through a computer and, if needed, he/she can print such information […]

 Electrical Products Digital Barometer The ayriko digital barometer is designed and manufactured to measure and record engine combustion chamber pressure information to prevent possible faults in the compression stage. This machine can record and analyze the exact pressure data generated in the cylinder compartment on the computer and print it if needed. read more trans […]